morning This page describes a Tuesday in "the life of a MICA design student." This particular student tries to make it look glamorous on her instagram- so this is an opportunity to poke a little fun at myself for that.


my cat wakes me up just to take up most of my bed like this. While he may look adorable here, he bit me right after I took this video.
it took me way too many tries to get this video right. Breakfast was cold by the time I ate it.
After breakfast I try to fill our my planner for the rest of the week. I've hand made my planners for the last few years so I can plan my week, track my good and bad habits and sometimes plan my day by the hour.

I draw out the entire week every Tuesday. It would probably just be easier to buy a planner but I am very picky. My planner is pretty much the only thing that keeps me sane and on track through the school year.


After I finish packaging my orders, I move on to the homework thats due later in the week. Yes, I definitely should have done more of it over the weekend. I have hand letters on Wednesdays so I spend most of my Tuesdays working on that.

This week my Hand Letters assignment was to work on an alphabet with the theme "seasons." I chose to do a summer fruits and veggies alphabet in watercolor.

I have off on Tuesdays so I usually begin my work day by filling out any open Etsy orders I have been putting off for an entire week.
I'm very lazy. I hate walking to the post office so I usually procrastinate going until the very last minute.


After I finish all the work I planned to do, I make myself dinner for the rest of the week, as a method of procrastination from other work I should be doing. This week I made pasta and meatballs with red sauce. It takes way too long to make dinner for the week so I usually snack while I cook. By the time I can sit down and eat the food I made, I'm too full from snacks. I usually end my night by answering emails and watching Law & Order: SVU. I scare myself from that so I have to watch The Office to fall asleep.