Lost City of Atlantis

Andras looked just like everyone else in Atlantis until one night when everything changed. He was exploring the underground caves when he fell into a pool. The pool was dark except for a dim light that he began following. The dim light got brighter, reveal that it belonged to an anglerfish. After fighting with the anglerfish, Andras managed to escape with only a bite from the menacing fish. However; when he left the pool he realized he was now glowing in the same manor the anglerfish was. Andras’ jaw jutted forward in a grotesque underbite with jagged teeth and he was suddenly hyper aware of the marine life around him.
Andras tried to live normally after his transformation; however, the horrified reactions from the people in Atlantis forced him to exile himself. Little did he know that after leaving, a terrifying creature, Kraken, sunk the city of Atlantis! Andras returned to the sunken city to find all its people lost. He vowed to avenge his city. Becoming Angler, he now searches the seas for Kraken saving sea life from pollution along the way. Although, Angler is tempted to eat the fish he saves, his heroism overrules the urge.